Hi, I'm Kiyah.




I believe in cherishing experiences & collecting memories.


In middle school, I started a memory box, and you probably have one too.

I used a Converse All-Star shoe box to store all the mementos that mattered most to any 13-year-old girl: Hilary Duff concert tickets, waterpark wristbands, and most abundantly, photos of my family and best friends from disposable cameras.

Over the years, my box grew stuffed to the brim and led to a 3-box collection filled with so many pieces of my life.

To this day, I treasure these boxes not because they cost a lot of money or have a designer brand, but because they represent the people, the places, and the moments in my life that I always want to remember.

Crazy inside jokes with friends, family vacations, boy band crushes, college acceptance letters, mixed CDs, sermon notes from church, photos, photos, and more photos. 

When I'm feeling nostalgic (which is pretty often!), I know exactly where to look. I reach up high to the top shelf of my closet and pull down my 3 boxes to reminisce, to laugh til my stomach hurts, to cry, & to feel the feels from 10+ years ago.

To me, there's nothing more valuable than living a life full of memorable, emotional, and joyful moments and being able to relive those experiences through photography.



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