2015 in review // part 2

if ya missed it, i posted about the highlights of my 2015 in this post. it's been a really good 12 months. ups and downs of course, but overall so good. i'm constantly humbled and honestly shocked when friends, family, & especially strangers want to be on the other side of my camera. i still get nervous before every shoot & wedding. but the good nervous that makes me want to kill it every time. i haven't fully written out my goals & dreams for 2016, but all in all, i aim...

  • to shoot more selfishly... meaning, i want to shoot with all my heart and shoot what inspires me, excites me, intrigues me, & challenges me.
  • to really hone in on my brand--who i am as a businesswoman & a photographer.
  • to continue investing in my education. just because i graduated doesn't mean i'm gonna stop learning.
  • to step out of my comfort zone by asking strangers to take their picture and reaching out to more of my favorite photographers whenever i get the chance.
  • to travel!!! i will go (almost) anywhere for photography & i want 2016 to really take me places. new countries & cities. big and small. 

most of all, i'm so excited for the people i'm going to meet & photograph in the next 12 months. there are some pretty stinking cool people in this world. i can't wait to get to know some more.