2016 In Review

2016! What a year. There were highs and lows for sure, just as every single year has. Outside of my personal life, some crazy stuff went down for the US and around the world! According to the internet, everyone is pretty fed up with 2016! This year marked some pretty significant changes for me. The lows were low, but the highs were so good. I finished out this year as a full-time photographer! Which is a goal I didn't think I'd reach until sometime in 2017. But in November, I got pushed off the edge and it's been an amazing two months since then. I'm SO grateful to call this my job, my passion. Traveling near and far to capture beauty, to freeze moments in time, to be able to show so many people how I see them and how breathtaking life is. I've met people that I would probably never have the opportunity to interact with. I've learned from so many photographers and made some great friends in this industry. Professionally, this has been a pivotal year! I finally feel like I've crossed the line from hobbyist over to business owner and CEO. I know what I want and I'm ready to take the necessary steps and HUSTLE to get there. God has poured so much grace and favor over my life and my business; I'm so, so thankful and humbled by His love. So, in a recap of this year...

  • 12 weddings of my own couples (3 of which were small, intimate elopements  that I loved)
  • 12 weddings as a second photographer with girls and guys that I'm so glad to call friends
  • 7 engagement sessions
  • 3 maternity sessions (hello Hendrix, Detrick, and Izzy!)
  • 1 birth story that just blew my mind! I can't wait for the opportunity to capture more of these.
  • 2 styled sessions
  • 2 senior sessions
  • 1 boudoir session (I'm hoping to do lots more of these in 2017!)
  • 1 family session
  • 1 surprise proposal

42 times I used this little box called a camera to tell stories and change lives. I can't believe it! Thank you to each person that made these sessions possible and that trusted and chose me to come into their life. Next year, I have so many exciting goals and dreams, including teaching photography lessons, online courses, lots of traveling, and emphasizing tangible products for my clients to have forever. And I'm excited to have my hands and heart open to all that God chooses to do through me. These nine images below are just a few that I cherish from this year and I feel portray my three words--memorable, emotional, and joy-filled. 
Thank you, 2016!

Best Atlanta wedding photographer of 2016