2017 Behind The Scenes

And just like that, 2017 is a wrap for all my weddings and portrait sessions! While I still have lots of photos to edit and my work is far from over, I've been excitedly reflecting on allll that was captured this year, the incredible couples I've been able to serve, and the beautiful places this job has taken me! This was my first year as a full-time photographer and it wasn't easy by any means, but man was it a fun journey! I think this post is a perfect compilation of the reality behind my job. There's smiles and pretty scenery and happy people, but there's also a lot of craziness, concentration, and ninja-like skills to get those shots. At the end of every single wedding day, I feel like I got hit by a bus...everything aches from the knee down, my arms are sore but also feel like jello, I'm tired and hungry, and my mind is racing. But somehow, the rush of it all keeps me coming back for more. I seriously love what I do.

This year, I photographed 12 amazing weddings of my own and got to be a second shooter at 6 alongside some great photographers who also happen to be my friends! I wish I could've gotten behind the scenes photos from every wedding, but I only have some from a few. I'll do better next year :)

You'll notice in these behind the scenes photos that I pretty much wear the same thing at every wedding. This year, I found a "uniform" that I'm obsessed with. I'd wanted a jumpsuit for the longest time and in May, Gap was having a 50% off sale AND I had a gift card, so my uniform was created. Not trying to brag, but literally at every wedding, I got at least 3 compliments from bridesmaids and guests about this jumpsuit. And the best part about it? It has POCKETS. I know--it's perfect. Sorry, I can't find a link for it online! The same weekend I found my glorious jumpsuit I also snagged the most comfortable Dr. Scholl's sandals at Marshalls for around $20. They're snug and cushioned and mesh (which was perfect for the first day I wore them and had to jump in huge rain puddles), but the only hangup is that they've left me with a really awkwardly patterned tan line on my feet. I bought another jumpsuit that I love later in the summer at a thrift store, but I don't have any pictures wearing it. It doesn't have pockets :( but it's SO comfortable and also really stylish.

So, let's start off with some nice, happy, and normal smiling behind the scenes photos, shall we? Here's me before Brooke and Sam's wedding ceremony started. That view was one of my favorites all year.


Rachel took this and it might just be my favorite photo of me ever! This is exactlyyy how I feel on a wedding day. Well, most of the wedding day. Ok, this is pretty much how I feel when I see the catering team bringing out plates of wedding cake. 


Probably laughing at my own joke here. Nadia looks amused in the background, but who really knows?


Can you spot me looking up at the drone? Why am I ducking? Probably because drones freak me out a little bit.


Using weird hand gestures to boss bridesmaids and groomsmen around since 2014...


Waiting for the shot and.... there it is.


Just frolicking through the fields of Block Island...don't mind me! 


Playing with flowers in front of my lens. Totally normal. 


Please tell me I'm not the only photographer with a creepy crazy eye shooting face. Please?!


So, I did actually wear something besides my jumpsuit this year! This is my go-to dress and tights for when it's not quite warm enough for no sleeves. Also, I really can't seem to get my Holdfast flaps to stay put!

Shout out to two of my amazing second shooters this year. Caleb is like a fearless ninja that will climb on anything, lay down on anything, jump over everything, and risk his life for the shot. He's also SO fun to have around on a wedding day!

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. I wouldn't have survived Rhode Island without her. We had an amazing time despite lots of things going wrong and she is the calm that I absolutely need on wedding days. 

More shoutouts to the unbelievably talented vendors/friends that made my first styled shoot a total success! I couldn't have put together this shoot without them. Most of them didn't know each other before the day of the shoot and yet we all bonded and had fun as if we'd been friends for years. I'll be sharing more about this shoot soon!

A few cell phone shots from my family mini sessions in November! Thanks to my incredible friend, former bride, and mini session assistant, Cass, for these! 

Crazy eye strikes again!


Let's play a game called.... "Does Kiyah Ever Not Have Lens Caps In Her Back Pockets?" 


Oh, this picture has a good story behind it! You see me on the left side of the frame? I'm actually in the process of elbowing one of the guests who was literally standing right behind me during the ceremony. Now, I get it if people want to use their cell phones during the ceremony. I'm not a fan of it, but I get it. What I don't get is following the photographer around and getting in my way! Sorry, but you get an elbow for that move :)


My concentration face is much better than my crazy eye face.


Okay, maybe I spoke too soon. I just look so mad here! I promise I love taking pictures! Thanks to Megan Holley for catching this shot at a styled shoot.


Don't mind me, just letting my legs fall asleep while I sit in the middle of the ceremony aisle. Yep!


Wedding reunions! I've known these three since around 2005 I think! We went to summer camp and church together in middle school. 


My last second shooter of the year and my last portrait session of the year!


Alright, that's all for 2017 behind the scenes! What faces and gestures and outfits will happen next year?

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