2018 Behind The Scenes

2018. WHAT A YEAR. A really, realllly good year at that. This year had its ups and downs, but overall both professionally and personally, this may have been the best year of my life. A big claim to make, I know, but MAN was it a good year! A few awesome highlights from this year before getting into these super fun behind the scenes photos:

  • Paid off my car! Woohoo!

  • Moved out of my mom’s house into my first place on my own! Loving the freedom that’s come with living on my own. Still getting used to paying bills, haha.

  • Launched my business in to the DC area! I photographed 4 weddings and 3 engagement shoots in DC/VA, which means I got to be in my hometown a total of 5 times this year. I’m really looking forward to making more great connections in the DC area in 2019.

  • Got to be a second shooter with some great photographers —Michelle Scott, Ray Spears, Up and Up Weddings, and Farrah Power.

  • Started (and left) an amazing part time job at Roam as a barista. I’m sooo glad I got this opportunity because I made incredible friendships there.

  • Hired my first intern! Best decision everrrr.

  • Got published on a magazine cover! Block Island Weddings chose my image from Andrea and Greg’s wedding to be their front page feature for the whole year. This was a huge accomplishment and honor for me this year!

  • Partnered with Raw Digital Lab to outsource some of my wedding editing.

  • Visited a few new states and cities for the first time (Toledo, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Maryville, Chattanooga, Amelia Island, Raleigh/Durham)

  • Taught a class at a photography conference for the first time! Thanks to Click Away for selecting me as an instructor and Shootproof for sponsoring me.

  • And my sister got engaged!!

So much else happened this year, but these are definitely some of the highlights. Now for the craziness that happened behind the camera on wedding days! Starting with my crazy excited face. Enjoy :)

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