A Few Of My Favorite Things //

I'm not a high-maintenance girl by any means.
I don't hoard make-up or beauty products. My morning routine typically takes less than 10 minutes on a regular day & maybe 20 for a special occasion or night out. 
I'll take funky, unique, thrifted jewelry over diamonds and a Tiffany's blue box any day. I've worn the same two rings on my hands for over 5 years and the same watch on my wrist for almost 3. 
I'm a creature of habit when it comes to products because to be totally honest, I'm a tad bit lazy & a tad more on the frugal (read: cheap) side. If you can relate to any of these things, then you may just be very interested in these few items that are go-tos in my book. Some are new finds, some are gifts, but they all make me feel like a million bucks even though they cost WAY less than that :) 

ColourPop // Ultra Matte Lip // StingRaye // $6
I'd been seeing and hearing a lot of hype about this brand for a while from friends & beauty YouTubers. I assumed they must be one of those $50 per product type of company so I totally ignored and moved on with life. Then one day, my friend Tamara had the CUTEST color on her lip and I just had to ask what it was. The heavens opened when she told me it was ColourPop & only cost her $4!!! I rushed home and immediately bought the same color. It was on sale for $6, I signed up for the email list and got a $5 coupon, and with $3 shipping, I only paid $4 something for this. What I love most about this is how long it stays fresh on my lips! I can wear it for hours and it doesn't end up on my teeth or dried/cracked on my mouth. Obsessed. 

Kiyah C Photography-Fashion Makeup Blogger-1.jpg

Sephora // Liquid Eyeliner // Black // $12.95
I'm a loyalist to this little bottle and its contents. I think I've been buying this guy for 5 years or so because I'm picky and needy. When it comes to eyeliner, it MUST have a good brush, be totally black, not smudge easily, & stay on solid for hours (maybe days). This brand has never let me down. Except for that time I was leaving for my summer abroad and I bought the waterproof version and it was an awful decision but I was stuck with it for 3 months. Waterproof = cracks and peels of my eyelids, yuck! Anyway, LOVE this!

Micki Song // Lipstick // Drunk'n Love // $8.50
'm pretty sure this is my signature color! It's a matte burgundy plum color and I love it for nights out. Sadly, it's one that has to be reapplied every hour or so, especially if you're eating, BUT it's still one of my faves because of how easy it glides on!

UNCVRD Jewelry // Turquoise Bar Necklace // $48
These last three items I didn't actually purchase myself but were part of a swag-bag from a ridiculously awesome photography workshop I went to last year (shoutout to Andria Lindquist & Gaylin!). Man I love this necklace. It's so simple and ME. I can sometimes wear big bulky statement pieces, but the minimal ones are what make my heart sing. I love it for the pop of color it brings to any outfit. 

Luca Jewelry // Customized Bracelet // $48
Another from the swag-bag is this custom engraved gold bracelet. Super minimalistic just how I like it. We were told to choose less than 10 characters to go on a piece of jewelry & I wanted mine to read "Jesus" :) I love stacking this bracelet with other smaller ones all on my wrists. 

Kari Gran // Lip Whip // Marsala & Naughty // $20
Last but not least mighttt just be my favorite on this list. I didn't start wearing lipstick or even colored lip gloss til about a year ago. Embarrassing for a 23 year old? Maybe, but I forewarned you that I'm low-maintenance! This stuff is PERF for me because it gives a slight hint of color and it moisturizers my lips like crazy because it has this tingly sensation that I just love. I wear it almost every day. Can't get enough!