Audrey & Denzel // Arabia Mountain Maternity Session

have you ever been in a specific time in your life when your mind just kind of stops what it's doing and you come to the realization, "this.. this is a moment that really truly matters"?

because i have had those moments plenty of times, and one of them occurred while we were climbing a mountain on the last day of october to freeze in time the beauty of two people preparing to soon become three. 

what truly mattered on this afternoon was the complete joy in audrey's smile as she held those little shoes because she knew that before long they would be filled with the little feet of a baby boy she hasn't even met but already loves. 

moments will take you by surprise and leave themselves impressed in your memory & heart for a very long time. a certain scent can trigger a nostalgic thought. a random song can flood your ears with remnants of "the good ol days." a single photograph, or even a whole set of them, can instantly transport you to a day, a season, a fraction of time that you may never get back but will forever play a role in this crazy, purposeful, redemptive thing we all have called life.

i'm a firm believer in capturing, treasuring, and holding onto those "this matters" moments.