Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer // Kelley Raye

Around this time last year, I got an email with the subject "Hi Kiyah" from a Kelley Raye. "Who is this?" I thought as I clicked to open it. As I read through her message, my face lit up and I started repeating "Oh my gosh!" Kelley introduced herself as an Atlanta photographer that noticed my page on Instagram, liked my photos, wanted to meet for coffee, and was interested in having me join her as a second shooter for her upcoming weddings! SO exciting. After a few more email exchanges, Kelley and I planned to meet for brunch. A few weeks later, we met at Another Broken Egg to talk all things photography, business, travel, and life. I remember us both swooning over the amazingness that is Andria Lindquist. From that mutual obsession, I knew Kelley and I would be good friends :) And for the past year, we've been just that! Texting almost every day, usually hilarious horror stories about the situations we find ourselves in as entrepreneurs/photographers. But also encouragement about the frustrations and impossibilities we find ourselves facing & overcoming as entrepreneurs/photographers. We've attended a workshop together, bounced ideas off of each other, met Grammy winners at burger joints, and now been on the other side of each other's camera all in the past year.

Ladypreneur, go-getter, glitter sparkle queen, Martini's mommy, #girlboss, coffee lover, photographer, giggler, the fabulous Kelley Raye!