Taylor & Kerry // Atlantic Station Proposal

the forecast called for rain & storms for days leading up to this proposal. the morning of started dark, gray, and wet. as the hours began to pass, the rain lightened up a little bit, but not enough to be optimistic. as i drove to meet kerry at the proposal spot, it was pouring and cold. "so much for a sunny proposal," i though to myself. and yet... as the time passed while taylor was out on a scavenger hunt through the city of Atlanta, each minute had less and less rain, chill, and clouds. minutes before her arrival, the sky burst in bright blue, the warmth hit, and no rain was falling at all. and literally, as taylor made her way to Kerry, a rainbow was perched perfectly above the both of them. 

i was nearly in tears. and soon enough, Taylor was too. her closest family & friends stood under the arch at Atlantic Station and got to witness her life changing with a simple question.

some people may call it serendipity or luck or chance. i would call it God smiling down on the children He loves so so much. 

this day truly humbled me as a photographer. it made me so incredibly grateful that people trust me to come in and document precious, beautiful moments in their lives. i hope that i never take this for granted and that people all over the world continue to let me to have a small part in such big life things.