Nadia & Pierce // 550 Trackside Wedding

If you're looking for a boring, dull, and lackluster wedding to browse through, this isn't the one. If you wanna see bright & bold colors, intricate henna designs, and an incredible fusion of two families & cultures, then Nadia & Pierce's wedding at 550 Trackside is the winner. I can't get enough of this wedding day, and even as I was shooting it, my brain was squealing, "Yes yes yes!"

Nadia & Pierce met in college at Georgia State when they discovered their mutual love for a band called Wild Nothing. Some tweets and texts and coffee dates later, they were inseparable. That good ol undergrad love. Before their wedding, Nadia & Pierce told me that they wanted their photos to really show the silly and playful in between moments they share together when they're just laughing at each other, holding hands, and being in love. We definitely captured a lot of those, and it was so easy to do because their love is genuinely carefree, relaxed, and goofy in the best way. Anddd I had to throw in some of the serious and editorial looks just because they're so good at posing like that too.

A few other of my favorite parts of this 550 Trackside wedding day? Nadia's gorgeous ring, the colorful ribbons hanging from her bouquet, the mini cakes for dessert (I ate about 7), watching them dance outside during golden hour, little bottles of turmeric as wedding favors--I could go on and on! Oh, and I can't even forget the fact that Nadia's letter to Pierce had pretty much everyone in tears during their ceremony. So, so precious! 

As much as marriage is about two people becoming one, it's just as beautiful that two whole families are combining too. Nadia & Pierce knew this was so important and they wanted to make sure their celebration reflected a beautiful Black family marrying an incredible Bengali family. We're talking Bollywood music videos, sarees, and masala plus dapper tuxes, swag surfing, and Cardi B. A real good mix. 

Venue: 550 Trackside // Makeup: Lovetta Beauty // Hair: Kimberly Pham // Rings: Crawford Designs // Nadia's Saree: Rahul's Clothing // Bridesmaids' Saree's: Riya's Exclusive // Tuxedos: Savvi Formalwear // Catering: Asma's Cuisine // Florals and Cake: Maddox Events // DJ: AJ the DJ // Second Photographer: 4 Corners Photography