The Brooklyn Botanic Garden: A Fairytale Wedding Venue

Weddings symbolize new beginnings, new life, hope, joy, and of course, love. So what better place to hold a wedding than somewhere that encompasses all of these things, like in a garden?! The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a fantastic wedding venue choice. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, the garden is an oasis of gorgeous flowers, stately trees, and lush lawns, giving city residents and visitors (like me and my sister!) a breath of fresh air and the fostering curiosity, delight, and appreciation of nature. It's the best place to start your married life together with your loved ones against the backdrop of a colorful garden! 

About the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden was founded in 1910 to save some green space from the quickly expanding cityscape of large buildings and paved roads. The garden has 52 acres and includes one of the first public Japanese gardens in the United States, the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden completed in 1915 by landscape designer Takeo Shiota. It's stunning! Last month, my sister and I got to explore the garden for a few hours. 

Indoor and Outdoor Venues at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The garden includes both outdoor and indoor locations for a beautiful afternoon tea ceremony on its lawns, a wedding dance party underneath the stars, or an elegant affair inside a well-lit event space.

The Palm House is the most recently renovated indoor space. Consisting of floor-to-ceiling windows, a glass ceiling, and a custom-made chandelier, the Palm House is the perfect location for a breathtaking wedding reception. The Palm House can seat up to 275 guests at a time.

The Lillian and Amy Goldman Atrium is an ecologically sustainable event space with a living roof of native grasses and wildflowers, floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the Garden's Cherry Esplanade, and an outdoor terrace as well. The Atrium can accommodate up to 130 persons.

Couples who choose to have their weddings at either the Palm House or the Goldman Atrium are also able to access various Garden locations (such as the Cherry Esplanade and the Magnolia Plaza) for ceremonies or celebrations. Couples can plan to have their wedding ceremony in a lovely garden setting, their cocktails at the Lily Pool outdoor terrace, and their reception at the Palm House or the Goldman Atrium.

Food and other amenities

The venue offers a variety of wedding amenities for couples, including a bridal suite with a private bathroom, access to additional rooms if needed, wireless internet, handicap accessibility, and catering services. The staff are also able to accommodate a variety of dietary needs and restrictions, including vegan, kosher, and gluten-free options. In addition, the Yellow Magnolia Cafe at the venue features modern, vegetable-focused cuisine and includes space for up to 70 guests. It is ideal for a wedding shower, engagement party, or post-wedding brunch. Couples who have hosted their weddings at the gardens also note that the event coordinators are so professional and helpful!

Photography opportunities

From the rose garden to the Japanese garden, there are virtually limitless possibilities for wedding photography backdrops. Indoors, the soaring ceilings and pristine glass walls of the Palm House and Goldman Atrium allow for natural lighting and a free and airy ambiance, perfect for romantic photographs. If you host your wedding during cherry blossom season, you may also be able to take pictures among the delicate pink blooms for an unforgettable photography session.

Tucked in the heart of one of the largest cities in the world, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the perfect place for your wedding, day or night. For an unforgettable and romantic wedding experience, make sure you contact me to be a part of it all!