Kayla & David // Brooklyn Engagement Session

Okay, huge disclaimer before getting into the details of this post: Kayla and David are not actually engaged--they are just dating! But they were awesome enough to pretend as if they were for this Brooklyn engagement session I wanted to photograph while I was in New York last month! 

I was up in NYC for a week visiting friends and family and I knew I wanted/NEEDED to photograph a couple while I was there! I mean, it's New York City! Of course, I could enjoy my time without setting up a shoot, but I knew having photographs of this awesome place in my portfolio would be so great. So, I posted on my Instagram that I was looking for couples to shoot and my fellow photographer Motola sent Kayla & David my way! We literally got in touch on Friday, planned outfits and a time to meet, and did their session on Saturday! To say everything worked out beautifully would be an understatement. I got pretty nervous on Saturday morning when the sound of POURING rain woke me up at 7 am, but thankfully, the weather cleared up and we had perfect sunshine by the time we met at One Girl Cookies that afternoon. Cutest bakery/coffee shop in Brooklyn by the way!

Kayla and David were two of the easiest people I've ever photographed! They laugh and cuddle and were affectionate with each other like I wasn't even standing there with a big camera in their faces. I loved getting to know them in the midst of wandering through alleyways and graffiti walls all over DUMBO in Brooklyn. David looks at Kayla with so much joy and Kayla is basically a model (super gorgeous, beautiful smile, and tall!) but is so sweet and down to earth. Making my job so easy :)

Just a California girl and a Detroit guy living and loving in the city that never sleeps. Some of my favorites from their (fake) Brooklyn engagement session.