Cardiff, Wales // Travel

wow, as of tomorrow, i will only have 1 more month left in England! time has really flown by and it's so bittersweet to think about leaving. i've been very busy with class during the week and cross-country traveling during the weekends, so a lot of posts are coming at once. on memorial day, i took a day trip to Cardiff, which is a city on the bay in wales. i had no idea what was in Cardiff or if there was anything fun to do, so i was a little hesitant. then, i remembered that my good friend from high school, Dani, attends Cardiff University! so, as soon as i got off the train, i messaged her about meeting up. thankfully, she had just finished her final exams and had the day free. i met her at her cute little townhouse where we sat to catch up on the past few years and then she took me on a tour of the town!

We had lunch at a yummy place called Mission Burrito and then walked more before getting dessert. Joe's Ice Cream is apparently very, very famous for being VERY good & it did not disappoint! i love my sweets :)

i thought this was pretty cool--an optical illusion painted on the docks in the bay.