Chateau Elan Wedding // Cherish & Eddie

It rained on and off all day leading up to Cherish and Eddie's Chateau Elan wedding this summer. The weather is so unpredictable here in Georgia from April through August, so we hoped for clear skies while knowing an indoor plan would likely be needed. Cherish wanted to get married at Chateau Elan surrounded by the vineyard and the elegant greenery, and thankfully the rain held off just in time for her and Eddie to say their vows, exchange rings, and officially become husband and wife. And by just in time, I mean we literally had seconds to spare before a huge thunderstorm erupted from the dark sky you can see in these images. So, we dipped inside to let the storm pass before finishing the day with more photos.

I loved being a part of this intimate wedding day. Cherish's dad officiated the wedding and her mom was their only guest. Everything was calm and joyful and purely focused on their love. A love that is quiet yet intense, just like the skies that covered them as they committed their vows and promises to each other. Chateau Elan has become one of my favorite venues to photograph ever since this proposal last year. It lends itself so well to weddings of any size. Elegance all around.