Suzy & Matt // Cloudland Canyon Engagement Session

Adventurous couples that are up for anything are truly my favorites. When I mentioned the idea for a sunrise session, Suzy and Matt were all for it, and they didn't even flinch when I suggested driving TWO HOURS away for their Cloudland Canyon engagement session. So, we met at the crack of dawn on a cold and cloudy March morning to adventure among the waterfalls and frozen icicles. Cloudland Canyon is such a gorgeous location for an engagement session! Even though we were there in the winter when the trees weren't yet bloomed, the views from the lookouts were amazing and the water was just the prettiest color.

Suzy and I met years ago during my freshman year at Georgia Tech when we played on the club volleyball team together. We've stayed Facebook friends since then and she reached out about a session, I was so excited.

If you can't tell by these photographs, Matt absolutely adores Suzy. He loves to protect her, make her laugh, and compliment her. During their engagement session at Cloudland Canyon, I asked them both to close their eyes, and then I told Matt to touch his favorite part of Suzy's face with his nose when I said so. His nose went straight for her mouth! "I love her smile." So, so precious. They're both so comfortable and silly together. They make a really good team.. literally! Suzy and Matt play on volleyball leagues together all the time, which is just the cutest thing to me. They'll have some tall, super athletic kids one day :)

What I love most about these two and getting to know them through their Cloudland Canyon engagement session was how much they value the little things. Things like walking their rescue dogs, spending quality time with their families, writing poems and notes. They appreciate showing each other love in big and small ways. Suzy and Matt chose to have their pictures come to life with prints and in a beautiful album to use as a guestbook on their wedding day in the Dominican Republic this summer. I LOVE that they wanted this guestbook because it's the perfect way to share their adventure with all the people they love at their wedding.