Samantha & Rob // Dekalb County Courthouse Wedding

Dekalb County Courthouse Wedding Ceremony

Sam & Rob's day at Atlanta's Dekalb County Courthouse was a reminder that love and weddings and marriage are about genuine excitement and joy. They're about stealing kisses, being surrounded by the people that care the most, and committing yourself to a lifetime with another person even if that means you do it while standing in a crowded courthouse hallway with a happy judge officiating your exchange of vows. Sam & Rob looked at each other with heart eyes constantly, which was just the cutest thing! It was as if no one else existed when they locked eyes and embraced each other. 

Samantha, Rob, and their friends and family were welcoming, hilarious, giddy, and joyful. I am so thankful that my passion for photography has placed beautiful people like them into my life even if just for a few hours on a July Friday. 

Wedding rules are meant to be broken in my opinion. They say that you're supposed to plan for months or years, that you're supposed to have an extravagant day with tons of people and all the bells & whistles, and that the couple isn't supposed to see one another until the bride walks down the aisle. 

But I say, be you. Be yourself. Go with your gut and make your wedding day as unique as you are as a couple. That's exactly what Samantha & Rob did, and it was a beautiful breath of fresh air.