Downtown Atlanta Parking Deck Engagement Shoot // Ari & Jaylon

I told myself at the end of last year that I only wanted to produce work that inspires me and that I’m proud of. I actually tweeted it to hold myself accountable. Well, yesterday was my first engagement shoot of 2019 and I prepared for it with that thought in mind. Get motivated. Get inspired. Come with a plan, but shoot from the heart. Try. Experiment. Execute. Fail. Try again. Just don’t get stuck in your ways or get to cliche & cheesy.

And it worked. Yesterday was a cold one, but hanging out with Ari and Jaylon made it worth it, of course. Ari was in town from Dallas so there was no rescheduling or waiting for a warmer, sunnier day. The clouds were thick, the wind was suuuper cold, & every body part between the 3 of us was frozen by the end. But man, did they do gooood! Shooting in downtown Atlanta (or in any city center really) is my favorite because of all there is to explore around every corner and especially in every parking deck. You know I love parking decks! Avoiding cars, dodging people, straying off the beaten path to find an alleyway lined with cafe lights. Just the best.

And if you get kicked out of said parking deck? That just means you’re doing it right.