Downtown Decatur Couple's Shoot // Imani & Zach

Two things: 1) This is not me in these photos. 2) This is not engagement shoot. Just had to clear that up first! :)

So, who are these cuties and what are they doing?! Say hello to my big sister, Imani, and her boyfriend, Zach. They are now my go-to couple for experimenting and shooting for fun when I need to... whether they want to or not! Last week, I was itching to get my camera out, so we planned for Saturday afternoon. Well, Saturday morning came and the day's forecast was rain, clouds, fog, and more rain. Not quite what I had mind for the shoot, and as much as I wanted to stay in bed curled up warm all day, we went out shooting anyway! I'm so glad we did. We met in Downtown Decatur, and I spent a few minutes scouting the area before we started to shoot. Guys, scouting helps SO much. It helps to have an idea of what's in your surroundings so you can take the best advantage of what's around you as you're shooting! Of course, I'm a big advocate for going against the plan, getting a little lost, and finding hidden gems, but I'm so glad I scouted a bit before we started. We started at an alleyway by Eddie's Attic in Downtown Decatur then made our way past Waffle House to this really cool all-white alley and stopped at a purple wall too. It didn't rain on us too hard, which was perfect. 

I'm basically obsessed with these photos, the locations we found, and, of course, this couple! I spend lots of time with Imani and Zach, so I know how crazy, silly, and fun-loving of a couple they are. And that's exactly what I wanted to bring out from shooting with them. They are stylish, caring, and can't stay serious for too long. Love that. And if there's anything I love the most about them, it's that they truly bring out the best in each other. Can't ask for more for my big sister :)