Dublin, Ireland // Travel

i never really had Ireland in mind as a place on my "must travel" list. i had heard it was nice, but it didn't really appeal to me as much as other European countries. when i told my church small group at home that i would be in England for the summer, my friend, Lamesha, mentioned she would be in Dublin for a week. so, from there, i planned to visit her in Ireland! after some struggles to book a plane ticket, i was off for my first weekend of cross-country traveling! i left on a Thursday night and arrived in Dublin around 10 pm with my 3 friends, Deana, Andrew, and Chase. we settled in our hostel & then walked to find some food. pretty much everywhere was closed, but we finally found a corner shop that sold yummy kebabs. on Friday, i ate a free breakfast from the hostel and met some girls from Germany and a guy from Brazil. that's always the coolest part about staying in an international hostel--there are SO many people from all over the world! i also met a guy from South Africa who told me my name means "home" in Zulu :) for the rest of the day, i walked around the city of Dublin, ate some delicious Irish food, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

on Saturday, i left early in the morning for a bus tour to the west coast of Ireland to see the famous Cliffs of Moher. they were breathtaking! these huge cliffs were over 700 feet tall and looking towards the edge of them over into the ocean was a little frightening, but so amazing. God's creativity in nature continues to astound me every chance i'm able to see more of it. the weather was chilly and misty for a while, but it cleared up with really nice sunshine for the last part of the day. the tour bus also stopped at a restaurant and i had some delicious Irish beef, mashed potatoes, and veggies. i also met 3 really nice girls on the bus that were from Pittsburgh.

after the tour, i met up with Lamesha and Deana for dinner (fish and chips), and then headed to the hostel for bed. Sunday was our last day, so we relaxed, ate some more, and headed back to England. i'm really glad to have visited Ireland! there was a lot more of the country that i wasn't able to see, so it looks like i'll have to venture back there one day!