Shaanti & Keith // DUMBO NYC Engagement Session

It's just 3 days before Thanksgiving, but I'm shamelessly sharing this session from almost 6 months ago! In June, I spent a little over a week up north visiting family and friends and shooting, which is what led to Shaanti and Keith and their DUMBO NYC session. Disclaimer: these two are not engaged (yet!), but let's just pretend :) My best friend Bethy introduced me to Shaanti and we met up in Brooklyn on a Saturday afternoon for a quick and spontaneous shoot with her and her boyfriend.

If you can't already tell by these photos, Shaanti is a model..a legitimate NYC runway and print model! She's modeled for some amazing brands and shows, including Seventeen, Armani, Bridal Fashion Week, and more!! So, clearly, she's beautiful on the outside, but what's even better is how nice, funny, and beautiful she is on the inside. She and Keith were like two giddy teenagers just totally in love and carefree as we walked and ran around Brooklyn. My favorite part of their session? Stumbling upon a little French Bulldog, which happens to be Shaanti's favorite, and getting pictures of her petting it. It definitely smiled for my camera. Another favorite part was when we stopped to take a few in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. Do you see that restaurant in the background called Luke's Lobsters? Well, I decided to get some food there after shooting and when I tell you they have the most incredibly delicious lobster rolls I've ever eaten, I am 1000% serious!! That meal may have just been the highlight of my trip to New York! So, moral of this blog post is: if you go to DUMBO in New York City, eat at Luke's Lobster.

Anyway, as I was editing this DUMBO NYC session, I was falling in love with how every single image looked when I processed it black and white instead of in color. I don't think I've ever done a whole session in B&W, but for some reason, it just worked really well with these pictures and reminded me of analog film. Timeless and full of emotion. These were all edited with Rebecca Lily's presets, specifically her preset called "Brooklyn" :)