Reading, England // Travel

every morning since i've left America, i've had to mentally pinch myself & realize i'm really, seriously in England! this has been such a distant idea for at least two years, so i sometimes don't even believe it's real! i am studying abroad this summer in Reading and London, England with 3 other georgia tech students. i'm taking 4 classes toward my construction management degree while also visiting construction sites and traveling Europe on the weekends. oh, and taking pictures like crazy.

the flight was 8 long & bumpy hours.

on the first night, after unpacking a bit, we walked into downtown Reading and ate dinner at Handmade Burger Co. they had a student discount :)

on Sunday, we explored some more. the main mall in Reading is called The Oracle and has a little river running through it.

there are so many swans here! we walked down to the River Thames to enjoy the weather.

on monday, we had an orientation and tour of campus. afterward, i decided to venture out to the lake that's behind my dorm. it is BEAUTIFUL! i was taking pictures of everything when a man named Peter came up to me and asked if i had seen the baby ducklings. i said no, and then he started telling me more about the birds in the area. he called out "Naomi!" and this English robin came to us. he held a live bug in his hand and Naomi flew right up to him and took the bug! he asked if i wanted to try, and i was hesitant (it was a live bug!), but then i did it! Peter and i started talking and walking along the lake as he told me all about the animals, the university, the city, and his hobbies. he said he's taught many of the birds on the lake to not be afraid of him and feed out of his hand. he's also a nature and portrait photographer, so as i was feeding the baby geese, he was taking my picture! i'm so thankful that God had me and Peter to cross paths that afternoon!

later after we walked into town, the clouds got really ominous looking. soon enough, it started raining and hailing when we were about 15 minutes from campus. we stopped in a restaurant after getting soaked a little bit. then, this beautiful rainbow came out :)