Grounds For Sculpture Engagement Session // Doyin & Dunell

It’s sooo beautiful to see a friend in love. It’s like a whole new level of who they are comes to life and adds to the depth of who they are. Doyin is one of my sister’s best friends from college. They went to Florida State together, so I’ve been hearing hilarious stories about their friendship for almost 10 years now. I got to know Doyin for myself at Brittany & Phillip’s wedding a few years ago, and she is hands down one of the most hilariously real people I’ve ever met! Whenever I get around her & the rest of my sister’s friends, I just know we’re gonna have conversations that involve being doubled over in laughter but also leave me thinking more deeply about life.

Earlier this year, Doyin got engaged! She and Dunell have been together for years after meeting at Penn State Law School and becoming close friends. For their shoot, they had two really special places in mind—the Grounds For Sculpture park and Princeton University’s campus. Both spots are absolutely amazing! I had never been to the Grounds For Sculpture before but it’s a quirky & beautiful place in Hamilton, New Jersey that’s a mix of a botanical garden, a museum, and an outdoor sculpture gallery. We started there for their engagement session and they told me how they’ve had a few of their favorite dates there over the past few years of their relationship. Sooo cute. Our next stop was Princeton’s campus, which I was so excited for. I visited Princeton University way back in 2009 as a senior in high school. Princeton was my top/reach choice for college and I remember just loving the campus so much back then. It’s still just as amazing now! Doyin especially loves Princeton because the buildings remind her of her Harry Potter obsession hahah :)

My favorite part about allll of this was the fact that Doyin and Dunell didn’t let distance dictate where they had their engagement session. I flew in from Atlanta, she flew in from Boston, and Dunell drove from Jersey just to be able to make these memorable images in a place that means a lot to their relationship. This is why I loveee destination engagement sessions :)