Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Today is my mommy's birthday! This lady right here is the real deal. She is the most selfless human on the planet. She's sacrificed sooo so much for me and my sister since the day we were born. That is truly the quality I admire most about her. She is silly yet serious. She is spontaneous to a degree, very organized, and tidy. Most of all, she is a prayer warrior and so faithful to Jesus. I know I wouldn't be who or where I am today without the years of prayers she spoke over my life. She literally hates when I put a camera to her face, but every once in a while she's ok with it. This picture is my absolute favorite of her and maybe even anyone. She loves mimosa trees so when we went on a walk one day, she wanted a picture with the blooms. This picture is hanging in our house :) 

Happy Birthday, Mums! You are more amazing than I could begin to express. Thank you a million and one times for loving me, Imani, and Pepsi like you do.