March Goals

The best month of the year is hereee! March is hands down my favorite month. Not only is it my birthday month, but it's the end of winter and the start of spring, and that makes my soul just want to do backflips.  Earlier this week, I got to visit my lovely friend Ayla and take some interior photos of her Kinfolk inspired home! Isn't it just perfect? And isn't her pup Ziggy the cutest!? Ayla is an incredibly talented floral designer and I'm so thankful to know her! See more of her work here.

February was an interesting month when it came to my goals. I finished reading GirlBoss and I loved that book! It's full of lots of relevant information for my business and just my life in general. So, I'm at 1 out of 6 completed books for the year. I didn't complete my other two goals of launching my new website & creating my marketing plan, but I did get a good chunk of my website prepped, so we'll count that as a halfway completed goal. I do have to share an honest moment with you, though. I have been really struggling with my health and exercise goals for this year. I aim to workout at 2-4 times a week, and yet it seems like I barely make it to the gym once a week! I need your tips--how have you stuck to your exercise regimen? How do you stay motivated to get to the gym? How do you prioritize your workouts? Help me out!

Goals for March:

Turn 25 on the 11th! Woo hoo!
Launch my new website
Plan and save for my solo getaway trip to Savannah or Charleston
Finish reading "The Best Yes"
Finish my taxes
Register for a 5K
Create a marketing plan
Stick to monthly spending budget

Call or Facetime a friend
Workout 3-4x
No social media + sabbath Sundays

Wake up before 7 am
No scrolling on social media in bed
Read my Bible & write in my journal
Watch educational photography videos