Amanda & Vinnie // Kirkwood Atlanta Engagement Session

sometimes, things go really really flawlessly during an engagement shoot.. & sometimes things start off with Vinnie stepping into a big anthill just as our session is starting. whoops! 

but at the end of it all, things still go rather flawlessly when the temperature is in the 70s just two days after Christmas, when a funky coffeeshop has no problem with you taking pictures inside, and when Amanda lives in an apartment building with one of the best rooftop views of midtown Atlanta. 

as a photographer though, it doesn't always matter to me what the weather is like, where we are or aren't allowed to shoot, or even what accidents & mishaps happen along the way.

what matters is when i get the chance to spend time adventuring with awesomely fun people that are very much in love & getting SO excited to spend the rest of their lives together. Amanda & Vinnie are just those kind of people & it was beautiful that they let me in to a little bit of what their lives look like whenever they get the chance to reunite since Vinnie live in Australia & Amanda in Georgia. there's a lot of giggling, cuddling, & genuine love. my favorites.