Sandra // Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

WARNING: this is not your average "i'm a senior graduating from college!" photo session. this is quite possibly not at all what you would think of that sort of photoshoot to look like.

and that's exactly what i wanted.

my senior sessions are a just little bit different now than they were in the past few years i offered them. i was usually sticking to the mold, the norm, the predictable. but then i realized that after doing the same poses in the same campus spots with the same sort of outfits session after session and senior after senior, i was burning out and losing my juice (& a little bit of my mind). don't get me wrong--each and every senior i shot with in the past was amazing & their accomplishments were to be celebrated, BUT i knew there was MORE i could do.

so, i ventured into what i wanted to capture. i want to celebrate not only the moment of graduating but the person you've become in the 4, 5, 6 years that you've been in college. i want less "this is WHERE i went to college" and more "this is WHO i am now that i've gotten through college."

sandra's session was all that we wanted it to be. parking deck hangs with one of my favorite city views. an unexpected trip to the oakland cemetary. yep, we went to a graveyard for her senior photos. and a completely spontaneous decision to end at ponce city market as the sun went down. mostly unplanned but all kinds of awesomeness. i shot with sandra in 2013 and seeing her growth in 2.5 years was the coolest part. if you're down to adventure and probably get a little lost while taking pictures in the process, i'm your girl.