My 23rd Birthday

on wednesday, march 11, i turned 23! if anyone ever asks me what's my favorite holiday, i will always say my birthday. it's my favorite day of the year & i do my best to make it super special for me. this year was a little different because a few things couldn't be moved in my schedule to make my day justtt right, but it was a great one nonetheless. i woke up to balloons, bags of swedish fish, and my favorite muffins from my mom & sister. after having a mini selfie shoot in my birthday outfit, i headed to campus for a meeting then went to firehouse subs for lunch (free sandwich!) and went to class. after classes, james picked me up for his planned surprises of the day. we went to krog street market & the beltline for food, dessert, exploring, picture taking, and more. he bought me a baseball tee that i absolutely LOVE and the sweetest card. i really enjoyed my day :)