Andria Lindquist Workshop // Nashville Photographer

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.
— Jose N. Harris

one of my favorite quotes. i've applied it to so much in my life. & at the end of september, i applied it to my photography in a pretty big way.

i'd never had a total grasp on who i am as a photographer. what i want. what i don't want. what makes me stand out. what keeps my creative juices flowing. what brings the best out of me & my clients.

so, i did something i'd never done--i spent 4 days with 12 phenomenal ladies from around the country in the cutest vintage airbnb in nashville learning from, shooting with, and picking the brain of THE Andria Lindquist. i knew from obsessing over her work the past few years that Andria is nothing short of a rockstar, but after watching firsthand how & why she does it all, man, i was just blown away.

her workshop retreat was literally JUST what i needed. a reminder that as photographers, we change lives. we go with our gut. we're in control of our brands & our businesses. we have the power to say yes, no, and maybe. we impact people in ways that very few people can. and that is a gift & a total blessing. and the better we are at knowing ourselves, the better we are at not only growing our skills & business but also truly making this world a more beautiful place. watch out, cuz these girls & i are going BIG places. we do what we want

follow the work of these ladies! they are pretty beast. 

Andria Gaylin Alex Sarah Kaytee Heather Laura #1 Kelsey Katherine Laura #2 Amanda Kylie