Talia & Bryan // Nashville Lifestyle Photographer

the tulle. the wind. the shoes. the dimples. the EVERYTHING.
the kind of couple you want in front of your camera over and over again. that's these two. and they were brave enough to have 11 photogs shooting them at the same time. yes, 11! i'm sure they felt like celebrities for the day. Talia is a clothing designer. both of her outfits are from her own brand andddd she even wore that tulle skirt on her wedding day. Bryan is a pro baseball player that looks like he walked out of a magazine. they make a good pair.
Andria Lindquist made this magic of a shoot happen as part of a 3 day retreat workshop for female photographers (posting more about that soon!) and the amazing Gaylinyet did what only she can do for Talia's make up. a dream team all around.