2016 Goals

Yesterday, some friends and I met up for dinner to grab $2 tacos. As we're sitting there eating & catching up, my mind randomly wandered into wanting to start a discussion that we could all share our thoughts on as a table. So, I asked everyone to share a goal or goals, big or small, that they're working toward and how the rest of us can support them in reaching it. It was so awesome to hear what everyone is aiming for in their lives! Things like spending more time with family, selling their artwork, graduating in a few months, inventing cool things, and pursuing passions into full time careers.

Being goal-oriented has helped me so much in the last few years, so I thought I'd share a bit about the things I've been focused on achieving in 2016. I actually started the year with a pretty long list, but here's the top 5: 

1. Book & Shoot 10 Weddings (check!)
This goal absolutely terrified me when I wrote it out last December. 10 whole weddings of my own!? Craziness. But you guys, I literally reached this goal by February of this year! Just two months after putting it on my list, it happened, and I actually ended up booking more than 10! You know what they say... If your dreams don't scare you, then they're not big enough!

2. Run A 5K
So, this has been a goal of mine literally every year for like 5 years haha. I ran my first 5K my senior year in high school back in 2010 and I really loved it! Why has it taken me 6 years to do another one? I'm not really sure, but I'm planning to run one at the end of October with my friend Britanny so I can finally check this off my list.

3. Read 5 Books
I have a terrible habit of starting a book and getting maybe half or 2/3 of the way through it without actually finishing it. Anyone else suffer from this? It's really strange, but I'm currently in the middle of like 5 or 6 different books! With only 3 months left in the year, it would be awesome to get to the end of at least 2 or 3 of them! Some of the books I'm working on now are Girl Boss, Soul Virgins, Reframe, and The Power of God's Names, and The Best Yes.

4. Visit 1 New City (check!)
There will always be a travel goal on my yearly list. I was so excited to be able visit/fall in love with Seattle this year! It was a short trip, so there's no doubt I'll be heading back there one day. Maybe for a reunion with all the awesome people I met at the Cascade Workshop..?

5. Get Another Tattoo
So, I was thiiisssss close to crossing this one off earlier this year. I was so set on a new tattoo as a birthday gift to myself back in March, but I never got around to finding the right font & design for the word I wanted on my arm :( But, there's still time left! And I think I have a new idea in mind that should hopefully happen before the end of the year :) And for anyone that doesn't know, my sister and I have matching tattoos of an ichthys on our right feet. 

I'd loovee to hear about any goals that you guys might have! Comment below so I can cheer you on as you reach them.