Sonia // Atlanta Botanical Garden Session

If you knew me in college, then there's an 87% chance you knew Sonia too. There's also a large chance that you thought we were twins, sisters, cousins, or the same person at some point. Sonia & I met in 2010 via Facebook before our freshman year even started. We were both looking for roommates and started messaging to get to know each other. I actually just read through our early conversations and died laughing just because we were so different yet exactly the same 7 years ago. Sonia and I were roommates for 3 whole years, which somehow didn't ruin our friendship. Living with a friend isn't always easy, but I can't imagine having roomed with anyone else. We share some of the strangest inside jokes and the craziest of memories. Just a few of my favorites...

  • My 20th birthday at the frat houses on campus
  • Singing and dancing to "Love On Top" outside in the middle of our apartment quad for like an hour straight one night
  • Turning our freshman room into bunk beds with two caves
  • Obsessively baking brownies maybe twice a week for a few months
  • Going to the dining hall every day solely to eat bowls of Lucky Charms
  • Classic Peg from SNL
  • Both spring break trips to PCB. Fun but also...yikes.

I could go on and on! As roommates and best friends, we've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of each other over the years. We argue and cry and laugh together and we definitely annoy one another just like sisters. If you know Sonia well, then you know she loves nature, plants, and art. For her graduation session, I definitely didn't want to do anything expected or cookie cutter. No standard Tech Tower, Campanile, Clough Rooftop photos. Nope. Tech's campus is great and all, but there's only so much you can incorporate while in those typical photo locations. Sonia wanted to exude the grace, power, and confidence she's gained during her college experience. She wanted photos that were truly her. So we went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden to start. It's like the greenhouse was made for her. We did end the session on campus but in an epic way with setting off blue and orange smoke bombs at the Burger Bowl. I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate this awesome ending to Sonia's time at Georgia Tech. I'm so proud of her and her journey, and I love that these are some of the best photographs I've ever created.