Thryve Magazine Issue 6 Submission // Mended


"When the Lord mends us, we are left stronger. Our faith is solidified because of His steadfast, loving care through our trials. Our mended souls rejoice because of the presence of our beautiful scars -- the scars that tell the story of His redemption, His faithfulness, His promises."

Last year, by circumstances seeming random but ordained really, I got the opportunity to contribute my photography to an incredible magazine, Thryve, that I've followed on Instagram for a while now. I remember seeing the work & stories they would post and thinking, "Man, I really want to be a part of that." One day, I commented on one of their posts asking where their publication is based & to my surprise, they replied that they're from Leesburg, Virginia--the city just a few miles away from my hometown! Not long after that, I got a message from a middle school friend, Devin, that I hadn't seen or talked to in so long. She told me that she worked for Thryve! And I thought that was just so cool. We chatted some more, catching each other up on life, and she encouraged me to apply to be a contributor to Thryve's next issue. So, I did! I got my assignment, found two awesome friends of a friend to be my models, and used Vic Bonvicini's studio at The Goat Farm for the shoot. Avani, Morgan, and I met up on a super cold December morning, and they were so patient with me despite the weather and my perfectionist ways :) 

This opportunity has meant so much to me! It's my first time being featured in a publication & one in print at that! Just seeing my name and photographs printed in a real magazine makes me realize how far I've come and how faithful God is with my talents. And I'm even more excited that my work is paired with pages and pages of words that point back to Him. So, please check out the digital issue of Mended! It's free and full of beautiful stories, photos, handmade products, illustrations, and hope. 

"God uses time to grow and to prune you, to reveal Himself as faithful and trust-worthy. Be assured, darling, that He is using time to strip you of yourself so that you may experience more of Him."

Quotes by Michelle Pineau