4 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

Every single person in the world is unique. So, that means every single couple that falls in love is twice as unique right? Which means that whenever a couple decides to come together to have a big celebration of love & commitment called a wedding, it should be a reflection of their uniqueness in every way! I absolutely love capturing weddings that show in big and small ways what makes the bride and groom so special and so right for each other. Here are just a few of SO many ways that a wedding day can be personalized to incorporate how one-of-a-kind your story is.

1. Write Your Own Vows


Oh boy, there's nothing like a hearing a bride and a groom speak their own words of commitment to each other in front of their family & friends. Personal vows are a beautiful reminder of how you promise to uniquely love your husband in ways like vowing to always let him watch football on Sundays or to always love him selflessly, kindly, and patiently. And you can almost guarantee a tear or two to be shed with hand-written vows!

2. Let Your Bridesmaids Wear Different Dresses


Identical bridesmaids dresses are definitely traditional for weddings, but what if you can't decide on just one look for your bridesmaids or if some girls look even more beautiful in a different dress than others? That's the perfect time to let them choose their own dress based on maybe a similar color scheme or style. Your bridesmaids will thank you because that usually means they'll be able to either recycle a dress they already have or be able to wear the one they buy over and over again!

3. DIY The Details Of Your Day


I love when a couple uses their own creativity (ok, and often times Pinterest!) to put together small and big details of their wedding day. Almost anything from name plates to altar decorations to signs placed around your venue can be hand-written, handmade, and hand-crafted. If you have creative or just plain generous friends & family that are willing to devote their time and energy to helping out with your details, then your day will be full of pieces of the hard work from people you love the most!

4. Keep It Small & Intimate


Stripping away the big elements of a wedding day like the venue, the bridal party, the coordinator, and the timeline can be one of the best ways to have your day stay true to who you are as a couple. Intimate weddings & elopements are my favorite to photograph because they are amazing reflections of the couple's core devotion to each other without the stress and fuss of a full on wedding day!