3 Reasons Why Wedding Albums Are Important

It's no secret that we live in a digital world. Computers, the Internet, and all things technology surround and influence nearly every aspect of daily life in 2017. Our communication and connection to the world is high-speed and always available, which can make something like printing your photographs seem like a thing of the past. You can call me old school, but I am a huge advocate of transforming your photographs from files on your computer to tangible pieces of art. As a wedding photographer, I see SO much value and importance in wedding albums! 

Today, I'm sharing a few detailed images of the wedding albums I offer to my clients & three reasons why wedding albums are important.

1. A wedding album is part of your family's legacy.

The day you get married is the day your new family starts! You and your husband join as one and your new legacy begins. Your legacy is made up of heirlooms, keepsakes, and even some intangible characteristics that will be passed down for years and years to later generations. Having a professional quality album of your wedding day photographs for your children and grandchildren to look at as the years go on is such an important part of cherishing one of the most important days of your family's legacy. A leather album with thick pages is guaranteed to last through the generations.

2. A wedding album will never crash on your hard drive.

Thankfully, none of my couples have come to me with the nightmarish situation of losing their wedding images on a crashed computer drive. But, unfortunately, it's a possibility for nearly every computer created! One day, all of your computer data could be lost and if you never backup your wedding photos or print them out, then they could likely all be gone too. With a wedding album, your photographs are safe from viruses and hard drive corruption, and you don't have to worry about technology advances that make your album obsolete. 

3. A wedding album can save your marriage.

Another wedding photographer I know once told me that he and his wife were upset with each other and arguing a lot. In the middle of their tension, he saw their wedding album on their coffee table and decided to flip through it to relive their day all over again. The memories came flooding back, and he was so much more eager to settle their differences and apologize! Photographs are powerful, and they can bring back feelings of nostalgia like nothing else can. Seeing your wedding in your album has the power to remind you of the promises of love, joy, and commitment that you made to each other and not let anything get in the way of it all!