Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of weddings do you like to photograph?

My favorite weddings are colorful, unique, and emotional. They are held outdoors or in beautifully well-lit indoor spaces. They are full of elements that the couple handpicks and that express who they are, not just what's trendy, popular, or traditional. I also have an insane sweet tooth, so yummy desserts at the reception are a plus.
My favorite couples are spontaneous, creative, and laid-back. They care deeply about their family & friends, and they love to travel & experience new cultures and new parts of the world. They see the importance in scheduling their wedding day around natural sunlight, and they fully trust me as an artist and photographer. If this sounds like you or your kind of wedding day, let's talk some more.

We'd love to have large canvas prints of our favorite wedding photos. Do you offer that?

Absolutely! Tangible products are so important! Your wedding images deserve to be printed and displayed not just posted online. After your wedding, I'll help you choose and purchase whichever photographs you would like to see enlarged for your walls or printed and framed for family members.

You’re based in Atlanta and DC? How does that work?

While I currently live in Atlanta and have been here since 2010, I was born and raised in the DC area (Sterling, VA to be exact!), so I travel back and forth fairly often throughout the year and still consider the DC area “home.” That’s why any weddings booked in the DMV area won’t include any additional travel fees!

Do you give RAW or unedited files?

Nope, I don't. I think that would be equivalent to a baker giving their client an undecorated cake plus the eggshells, bags of flour, and cups of milk. It'd be a big mess and you would have a completely unfinished product. I spend a lot of time and artistry on the work that goes into your each of your images after I actually capture them, so you'll receive the pretty edited ones & I'll hold on to the RAW files.

How many photographs will we get from our wedding day?

Every wedding is different, but you can expect anywhere from 500-1000 edited digital images. In general, I deliver 75 images per hour I’m covering a wedding. I focus on quality over quantity, so you'll receive the amount of photographs that best tell the story of your day. 

Do you travel? How much will it cost to travel?

Yes! Wherever you are getting married, I will be there. My passport is up-to-date, so international locations are welcomed as well. Travel fees include transportation, airfare, accommodations, etc. Contact me about your destination and I'll give you an exact quote. 

How do I book you as my wedding photographer?

First, fill out this contact form! After we meet for your consultation and customize your wedding experience, a signed contract and a $1000 non-refundable retainer will officially place your wedding date on my calendar.

Do you offer photography besides weddings & portraits? What about videography?

While I don't offer videography services, I do offer product and event photography services.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. I'm also licensed in the state of Georgia.

What camera do you suggest I buy to take pictures on my honeymoon or vacation?

I'm so glad you want to document your honeymoon on something other than your camera phone! :) For beginners in photography who don't need anything too complicated but want to invest in great quality photographs, I recommend the Canon SL1 or a Canon Rebel T5. They are both good starter cameras that come with a basic lens for travel photos. I've only ever used Canon, so I can't give much input on any other brand. Check out this blog post on the lens you should buy first!

Do you like dogs? What about Jeni's Ice Cream?

I'm absolutely obsessed with dogs and Jeni's Ice Cream. If you surprise me with either, I will probably cry and love you forever!